12 Tips for New Travelers

12 Tips for New Travelers

Most first time travelers who have never flown on an airline flight or never been out of the country in their whole life feel a surge of conflicting emotions like excitement, fear and hope. As a rookie traveler, you didn't know what to expect when you arrive to your destination. Usually young travelers and inexperienced who travels alone made a lot of mistakes. They got a hard time getting their passport, confused of where to go, didn't know what to bring and they mostly rely on their guidebooks.


Traveling solo is incredibly exciting and scary at the same time. You are entering a new and exciting adventure. Below are some tips for new travelers that could help save time, save money and save your sanity.


Tips for New Travelers


1. Don't be scared.

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary. But how can you conquer that fear if you don’t go out of your shell and take some adventure? Everyone has experienced the jitters of first time travelers. There are safe place to travel for new travelers and there are people who will help you guide as you explore the place. Beginners feel the same way, scared and nervous, but you will surpass them just like anybody else.


2. Don’t rely on your guidebook.

Tourist guidebooks are not usually updated, don’t live and breathe by it, unless it’s digital and updated.  Latest tourist destinations, like off-beaten paths, new bars, cafes and restaurants as well as new hotels are not printed in them. The best way to know the latest hottest destination in a certain place is connecting with local people. You can also ask other travelers you meet along the way or hotel staff for recommendations.  


3. Travel slowly, don’t rush.

When you travel, don’t jump from one place to another; spend two or three days in a certain place. You’ll have more time to see it all and you can always go back to the same country without rushing to see two or more cities in a day. Enjoy and savor the moment as much as you can. Explore the place on foot, take photos as much as you can, and dine in local restaurants. If you rush things, in the end, you can never treasure the moment you spent in a certain place. Slow down and take it all in and learn some cultures of the place by visiting their library or museums or spend time with the local.


4. Get contact information from people.

When you travel, smile to make good friends along the way. You’ll never know you’ll find real friends from them. If they become friendly with you, try to get their contact information. You’ll never regret it! Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter make it easy to stay in touch with people you’ve met after your trip. Treasure them as you treasure memories from your travel.


5. More gear is not necessary.

When you travel, travel light. You can buy some of your needs along the way or from the place where you’re heading at. You don’t want to trek around the world carrying a heavy bag. Pack light, so that you’ll have less to carry. You won’t need all those gears as you think! When you have plans to visit places on foot, bring a carry-on bag and leave all your baggage in your hotel.


6. Bring your smart phone.

Smart phone is a necessity nowadays. You can send a text message or call anyone on your phone book, access your email, access your social media accounts and take and store photos and you can even use your Google Map as long as you have an internet connection so that you’ll never get lost. You’ll meet a lot of people along the way and you want to stay in touch with them. You can store their contact information in your phone. However, if you don’t own a mobile phone, you can buy a cheap phone and there are SIM cards available worldwide.


7. Just go with the flow, let life unfold.

Don’t plan too much when going in a trip. Have an adventure; you’ll never appreciate the place you have visited when your every move is timed. You’ll get stressed! When you plan too much, you’ll rush and try to jump from one place to another. Unplanned travels without tourist guides are the best ones. Be flexible and just go with the flow. You’ll enjoy more if you treat your trip as an adventure not just an ordinary trip.


8. Bring extra cash.

Travelling is not that expensive as you think.  There are places to travel that are less expensive like Asia or Europe. However, there will always be some unexpected expenses. Just bring some extra cash! Sometimes your budget will not be enough and unexpected circumstances like itinerary changes can happen.


9. Don’t be wary.  

If you are shy or an introvert, leave it at home! Nobody knows you to where you’re heading that’s why you don’t have to worry about what others think. You’ll meet travelers like you on the road and you should takes courage to talk to them. You are all strangers! You’ll meet solo travelers like you as well as locals looking for friends and you have to meet and mingle with them. Just a simple “Hi” or “Hello” will do and sure thing, they will not ignore you! Take off your headphones, keep your book and take the first step by giving a smile and say “Hi” to the person next to you.


10. Be adventurous.

Go out and enjoy! Instead of going to the museums, why don’t you try bungee jumping or jump from a cliff? You have to conquer your fear! If you’re afraid of heights, go bungee jumping or ride a ferries wheel in an amusement park.  You’ll scream, your heart out, but you’ll enjoy it. Be not afraid to try new things and take risk, you won’t regret it. It will help boost your confidence and you’ll hungry for more adventures!


11. Don’t get stuck.

If you’re stuck with your decision to travel, pack your things and go! If you are fed up with your life and got no time to travel because of work, go travel! You can spend a week or two in Paris, eat good food, relax and meet new people. Make the most of it to enjoy your travel; don’t sulk in your hotel. Go out and meet new people around, there’s no shame in that. Work more and have fun!


12. You’re not a lonely traveler.  

Don’t be afraid to travel alone, because wherever you go, you can meet new travelers who are willing to make friends on the road.  They can help you out, or they can give you advice or tips of where to stay, where to dine and what’s the hottest place in the city. You’re not a lone traveler out there if you let them be your friends and help you. It’s normal to worry, but once you made it, you’ll become a great traveler.


If you’re still more anxious of being a new traveler, don’t be! Great travelers started as newbies to the world of travel and probably more scared and nervous than you are. But once you’ve done your first adventure, you’ll become hungry for more! Why don’t you read the helpful tips above, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!


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