5 Things you Need to Know About Traveling Alone

5 Things you Need to Know About Traveling Alone

Traveling alone can be liberating experience but can also be pretty dangerous - especially if you attempt to tread unfamiliar territories for the first time. When traveling alone, you always have to put your safety first, no matter where you are.

If you are thinking about traveling alone for the first time, you should definitely read this blog until the end. This should give you a pretty good amount of tips that can help you have a smooth sailing adventure. Be sure to take down notes because this is a trip you definitely want to make the most out of.

Sometimes you have to lie.

Flying solo on a trip can pose some serious security threats. Sometimes lying about having someone with you is a good thing.  This can deter people from taking advantage of your lonesome state.

When going out for some drinks, we highly suggest female travelers to wear a fake wedding ring and say you are with your husband and that he is just hanging around somewhere. This is a good strategy to keep in mind when someone tries to make an unwelcome move on you.

You have to call home - often.

We know that the whole idea of traveling is to get away from your usual scene, routine and network but when you are traveling alone, we highly suggest that you call home - and do it often. Checking in with people back home is a good way for everyone to keep tabs on where you are and what you are doing.

Everything that you disclose to friends and family at home can be helpful information come a time something goes wrong. It is  also important that you tell them about anyone you’ve met on the trip. This way, if anyone attempts to do you wrong, people back home will know who to look for.

You can’t be absolutely alone all the time.

While the idea of remote isolation can be appealing to most of you, you have to know that when you’re on the road you can’t be absolutely alone. Traveling is all about the meaningful connections you make with the people you meet along the way - never shut yourself out from the possibility of meeting and connecting with people, whether they be co-travelers or locals.

Of course, you always have to put your safety first. When meeting people for the first time, do not be overly trusting and do not divulge too much information that can compromise your safety. Be careful with what you say and do not let people know how little you know about a particular place.

When you’re overwhelmed, pause and breathe.

When traveling alone, it’s so easy to get yourself frazzled and lose track of some things. When things get crazy and you have nobody but yourself, you need to learn to pause, breathe and collect yourself.

Acting frazzled while on a trip can attract unwanted attention from people who might not have your best intentions in mind. Always exude an air of confidence in you no matter what situation you  are in.

Don’t spend (and put all) of your money in one place.

When traveling alone, you have to be extra smart about your finances. Running out of cash when traveling alone can be a whole lot of trouble and can set you back more than you think. Be smart about how you spend your money and keep your expenses at a minimum - especially at the early stages of your trip.

You also wouldn’t want to keep your money all in one place. When traveling, we highly suggest that you keep your money on you and at different places. Do not put everything in one place. This way, even if end up losing some of your cash, you’ll have a few more left to cover you until you get to safer and much calmer grounds.

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