America's Best Free Attractions

America's Best Free Attractions

United States of America offers best free attractions for everyone to enjoy. Travelers and families of all budgets can enjoy their vacation without draining their savings especially to those who have kids.  Everyone can see masterpieces of different artists like Van Gogh in museums; entertain kids with fun activities and adventures like strolling at a hilltop garden with beautiful views of sunset and waterfalls all for free!

Here are America's best free attractions that everyone can enjoy.

Conservatory at Bellagio in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, the Bellagio is a 13,000 square foot Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. They have created seasonal beautiful displays with a peaceful atmosphere. They rearrange their gardens and trappings every season - bridges, gazebos, giant topiaries and other plants. They have a free musical performance at the gardens in every afternoon, (5 P.M. - 6 P.M.). Everyone can witness the light and musical show at the Bellagio fountains.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama

Most botanical gardens in America are not for free, but Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama is totally for everyone. You can free to roam to their 67.5 acres gardens that have 12,000 different plants, with more than 25 themed gardens and more than 30 outdoor sculptures. They have a traditional Japanese teahouse for their guests who want to relax and enjoy a cup of tea. They also offer free science activities for children. They also have a vegetable garden where guests can learn how to cultivate or plant.

The Enchanted Highway, Regent, North Dakota

There are seven fanciful scrap-metal sculptures about 110-foot-tall just off Interstate 94 of North Dakota. These fanciful creations are created by a local resident, Gary Greff. The 110-foot-tall Geese in Fight and Fisherman's Dream are staggered along a 32-mile stretch of road and each of these sculptures has a small picnic and play area.  

Pike Place Market in Seattle

In Seattle, Pike Place Market one of those iconic places that everyone should visit. It's a 9-acre waterfront market with assortment of vendors selling fresh and locally produced food. It has been established in 1907 with the goal of connecting both the citizens and farmers. There are more than 200 local small businesses that include bakeries, butcher shops, flower shops and seafood restaurants.

Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

Here at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Olympic athletes spent their long hours here preparing for the world’s largest athletic competition. They are one of the three in America that focuses on summer indoor sports like fencing and swimming. Guests can tour the facility for free and you'll be guided by athletes if you get lucky.

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is open all year round. This is a perfect place to get away from a city life, they have re-created a rainforest and both kids and adults can enjoy here. They have a Bear Habitat, colorful Bird House, a Lion House and a Small Mammal-Reptile House.

America has beautiful and free attractions to visit for free. People can now enjoy beautiful gardens and museums for free. There are a lot of attractions, great-value museums and tours that are free for everyone.   Even kids can enjoy some science and summer activities prepared for them. These amazing places are free all year rounds to give entertainment and satisfaction to travelers and family.

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