Backpacking Guide to Europe

Backpacking Guide to Europe

Europe is the most visited place during summer and tourists are everywhere during this time of year. Despite the summer heat, hotels are fully booked, beaches are crowded and the streets are brimming with people, tourists from different countries still love to visit Europe during this time of year.

For this summer, TravelGenixx compiled this backpacking guide to Europe to help you plan your trip. TravelGenixx owners have been traveling around the world including Europe. This guide will help travelers especially first time travelers to Europe how to plan a backpacking or budget trip to Europe.


Step-by-Step Guide Backpacking to Europe


Step 1: Plan your trip

  • Plan your trip ahead, but don't stress about it. The more you plan about the trip, the more anxiety you will feel. Don't feel worried on how to have a perfect trip. Just book your flight a head, pack light, purchase a travel insurance and set everything before you leave so that you'll be free of stress when you reach Europe and have to time to enjoy your trip.
  • Save for your trip by cutting your phantom expenses; reduce your set cost and other expenses.
  • Find a cheap flight by looking for cheap flight deals to Europe. You'll save more money if you book your ticket ahead, try to book a flight during spring or fall when fewer people are visiting because airfares are cheaper and it's cheaper to fly in the middle of the week than on weekend.
  • Pack light; just bring the necessary things you need. Here's a female packing list for women, toiletries such as hanging toiletry bag, refillable travel bottles, small container of body wash and facial wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss, travel first aid kit, deodorant, sunscreen, tweezers, nail clippers, light makeup, birth control, facial and body moisturizers, razor refills and birth control.


Step 2: Get the best travel accessories and gear


  • Pick the best backpack. It's important to select a quality backpack for your travel.
  • Make sure you buy the best travel insurance. It's the most important thing you need for your trip.
  • Bring the best travel tech such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.


Step 3: Get the most comfortable and safest accommodation

  • Find an affordable, clean, comfortable and safe hotel or hostel in a safer area and where you can meet a lot of good and amazing people.
  • Find cheap alternative accommodation if you are looking for a place to stay aside from a hotel or hostel such as looking for apartment for rent, home exchange program, house sitting, farm stays, monastery stays or home stays.


Step 4: Learn on how to get around Europe


There are 7 cheap ways to travel across Europe to help you save money such as Busabout, Megabus, Eurolines, BlablaCar, Budget airlines, getting Eurail pass or you can hitchhike.

A train pass is not recommended for all trips especially to those who will be spending a short time in Europe. However, Eurail pass is recommended and will save money to those who will be spending a long vacation in Europe and would be traveling vast distances and using high speed.

Busabout is a popular tour company with backpackers and they are especially popular for their Croatia sailing trips.


Step 5: Save money while on the road

Save money on food while on the road by looking for budget-friendly places to eat such as buffet, outdoor vendors or small stands that sell hot dogs, sandwiches, sausages and the likes, street food, fast food or lunch specials where food on the dinner menu are sold at a huge discount. You can also save by sometimes not drinking soda, refill water bottles, skipping snack time, by sometimes cooking in your hotel or hostel and by having a picnic at the park with your own cooked meal.

Become a savvy traveler by packing light, take extra socks, make sure to use no-fee bank cards, bring extra cash, extra bank card and credit card, use a map to make sure not to get lost, visit the local tourism office, carry a lock all the time, bring extra copies of your passport and important documents, pack a flashlight and carry a basic first-aid kit.


If you are planning to visit Europe whether this summer or anytime soon, this backpacking guide to Europe will help you plan your trip in an easy-to-follow guide so you won’t get lost, overspend, or stress out about your trip and you will enjoy more. Europe is one of the most beautiful and most visited places especially summertime. There’s so much to see, learn and eat. There are varieties of food to eat, culture, history and language to learn. Europe is a beautiful place to visit and hopefully these backpacking can help you plan your ultimate travel adventure in Europe!


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