Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Living an eco-friendly life doesn't mean you leave it all behind when you travel. When you're on vacation, make sure that you still do the eco-friendly life that you usually do like composting, recycling and more. An eco-friendly travel is easy and it helps make your vacation more memorable and fulfilling.  Here are some of the best eco-friendly travel tips that will make sure that you enjoy your vacation as well making sure that you help care the environment. 


  • Bring an eco-friendly and re-usable water bottle 

A reusable glass water bottle, aluminum water bottle or a thick/safe (BPA-free) plastic water bottle is durable, hygienic and good foe traveling.  This re-usable water bottle is very useful especially when you're in a location where the tap water is undrinkable or unsafe. You can buy a bigger bottled water that you can keep in you hotel room and decant it every day in your re-usable water bottle. You can also buy glass bottled water in restaurants so that you can recycle them.

  • Use eco-friendly toiletries


This is one of the most important eco-friendly travel tips, especially for campers or spending time in the beaches. Sunscreen, body lotions or body soaps leave toxic residue in the water. These toxins can damage coral reefs especially the delicate corals. If you're planning to go snorkeling in the ocean near the coral reefs, reef-friendly or eco-friendly sunscreen or soaps in order to reduce the toxins entering the ocean ecosystem. It's also the same with camping; choose eco-friendly soaps and cosmetic products to avoid contaminating the water with toxins.

  • Be mindful when you rent a car


When renting a car, make sure that you choose a small rental car and choose for hybrid or fuel-economic ones if possible. Larger vehicles are not economical on fuel and it produces excessive carbon emissions.  An eco-friendly car uses less fuel; you can help care for the environment as well as save more money at the same time

  • Eat local food

When you're on vacation, eat local to support local businesses and sustainability at the same time. By eating the local cuisine and culture, you'll be helping the local producers and vendors. If you want to cook your own meal, buy ingredients at the local farmer's markets to make sure that you buy the fresh ones. 

  • Take showers not baths

Showers usually use just about 20-25 gallons of water, while baths use up to 70 gallons of water. While on it, try to make your shower shorter by turning the water off your while you shampoo, lather soap or scrub your body and tooth brush your teeth.

Helping protect the environment is an important responsibility not just at home, but wherever you go. As a traveler, you can enjoy the benefits of the nature around you if you can help in making it clean and make sure to preserve its natural beauty. If you're planning to take a vacation, make sure that you bring these eco-friendly travel tips in your heart and mind to help save and preserve the natural beauty of the world around you.

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