Fears that Stop you from Traveling

Fears that Stop you from Traveling

How many times have you planned traveling? How many times have you attempted to book flights and backed out again?  Have you ever wondered why you have cancelled your plans? When you start browsing some travel deals and destinations and researching online for exciting places to visit, then suddenly your excitement fades. You might be thinking of bad scenarios that might happen in your trip. You'll cancel your plans because of the fears inside your thoughts and then you'll just continue to work or go on with your boring life. You will feel doubt, dissatisfaction and regrets.

If you have experienced this, it’s not your fault. The main reason for your dissatisfaction is fear. You might be facing the fear to travel which is very common. Several people have experienced this, even the seasoned travelers. TravelGenixx will show you what stops you from traveling or what stops you from exploring the world. Here are some tips on how to deal with the fears inside you from going out of your comfort zone.  

Tips Why Fears stop you from Traveling

  • Fear of getting out of your comfort zone. This is what stops most people from traveling. They don't want to leave their comfort zone and give themselves a break to visit the places they have dreamed about. You have to set aside this fear, tell yourself that you can handle problems that would arise at home when you leave. All you have to do is write all the worst scenarios in a piece of paper and read it many times. You also have to expect positive outcomes from your travel and focus your attention on your destination.

  • Fear of flying. The fear of flying is actually a phobia among people. This fear is called, acrophobia or an extreme or irrational fear of heights. If you have this kind of fear, you can get rid of this by preparing and logical thinking. Just think that you'll be safe inside a plane and the chance of a plane crash is very small. You can also take sleeping pills half an hour before your flight so that you’ll be asleep when the plane takes off and you won't be anxious and hysterical. If you can overcome the fear of flying, you’ll enjoy traveling more.

  • Fear of the unknown. This is the fear of facing what awaits you in your destination. Anxiety and doubt are tension boosters and you have to fight them. When you're planning a trip, it's best that you have to research about your destination. You can make your itinerary ahead, find the best and safest hotel online and book, find safe and interesting places to visit, what to avoid and the best place to eat. Being prepared before your trip will give you excitement to visit your dreamed place.  

  • Language barrier. When planning a trip, this is one of the most common problems every traveler fears. Not being understood in a foreign country where most people can't speak and understand English can lead to unpleasant situation or even trouble. The solution to this problem is preparation. When you're planning to travel abroad, be prepared. You've got to learn a few basic words and sentences like "please", "thank you" or "Where is the bus station?”. It can save you from getting trouble and just stick to your itinerary or guide to avoid getting lost.

  • Fear of bad experience. When you're about to travel to a country where crime is high, you have to be prepared. You have anticipated circumstances that might occur and learn tips to prevent them. You can get robbed anywhere in India, even in New York, Las Vegas, and Paris or even in your own city. You've got to be prepared by learning some tips on how to keep your valuables while you’re exploring. This fear is based on anxiety and stress. When you entertain this fear and you're only focused on the bad things that might happen, you will not enjoy your trip. If your fear is being robbed, get yourself a safe wallet or bag to keep your valuables while traveling. Being prepared can make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If you want to travel, but you have a lot fears inside you, don’t let them grow inside you or stop you from visiting the place you dreamed of. There are lots of travel fears, but you have to fight them instead of entertaining them. The world is big and there are millions of wonders waiting for you. Don't let fear paralyze you. This blog can help you fight your fears from getting out of your comfort zone. Travel and enjoy the wonders of the world.

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