Fun Things to do in Tuscany with Your Kids

Fun Things to do in Tuscany with Your Kids

If you are on the lookout for a child-friendly destination for the entire family, Tuscany is the place to be. This scenic and calm city has a way of charming people of all ages - children included. There is so much to see and do in Tuscany so do not hesitate to rally up the entire family for a fun-filled and cultured holiday trip that will definitely be one for the books.
To help you plan your trip, we made a list of fun activities you can enjoy with your entire family. Plan ahead and bask in the beauty of a city you cannot find anywhere else but in Tuscany.

1. Climb a bell tower in Siena
Siena is home to many medieval architecture that are reminiscent of a scene from a fairy tale. If you want to see the city in all of its glory, climb a bell tower in Siena with your etire family.  The walled city has a view that will most certainly make anyone’s jaw drop in awe. Kids can also blow off some steam by chasing pigeons while you enjoy a good cup of wine or coffee in a nearby rustic cafe or bar.
2. Go to Pinocchio Park in Collodi Pisa

Take the entire family to Pinocchio Park in Collodi PIsa and see bronzed statues of all the characters in the famous tale. This beautiful garden has a few attractions straight from the 40s - riding in anyone of them will surely be memorable. They can also learn how to make masks while mingling with local kids who can teach them a few helpful phrases while learning about each other’s culture.

3. Learn to make ice cream in Chianti

If your kids have a fondness for all things sweet, head to Chianti to learn ice cream making straight from those who do it best - the Italians.Castellina in Chianti is a quant ice cream parlor owned by an ice cream chef who will be more than happy to teach you and your kids the beautiful craft while enjoying a soft serve that is nothing short of delectable.

4. See the wildlife at Zoo Pistoia

See a piece of the wildlife at Zoo Pistoia. This zoo is home to over 600 animals - from polar bears to reptiles and even jaguars. The vibrant hillside view along with the abundance of wildlife will surely make for a great adventure with your loved ones.

5. Explore the Emperor’s Castle

Castello Dell ’Imperatore, or the Emperor’s Castle, is a colossal piece of architecture that was designed for King of Sicily Frederick II. Although it faced deconstruction during the great fascist regime, most of it has been rebuilt. Your entire family can climb the stairs and walkways for a good view of the surrounding city.


These are just a few things you can do with your entire family in Tuscany. It definitely has a lot to offer - for people of all ages. Make memories with your entire family and witness the beauty of a city that is unique to Tuscany.

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