Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

Traveling during the holidays can be busy expensive and stressful, but don't let anything or anyone hinders your expected getaway. If you're planning to go home in your home town or spending holidays or Thanksgiving or will be escaping to a relaxing getaway, you can plan ahead to ease some travel headaches and have a stress-free vacation. There are other ways to make your holiday travel a lot easier. Here are tips from TravelGenixx tips for surviving holiday travel.

Tips for Traveling During the Holidays

  • Plan ahead. When you're planning to spend your holidays at your home town or out of town or out of the country, you have to be prepared. A little preparation may not hurt your busy work scheduled. When booking plane tickets, you can get the best deals months before your trip. Travel fares go up as the holidays near, so you have to book now.
  • Pack your suitcase wisely. If you're traveling during the holidays, make sure you pack lightly. Weigh your suitcase before you leave to avoid overweight baggage fees. It's best that you register checked bags online ahead. It's a lot cheaper if you check your bag online to avoid more fees and hassle. You can even fly with just a carry-on bag.  
  • Ship your luggage and holidays gifts ahead. To avoid high bag-checking fees, poor care and theft, you can ship your bags ahead. This is also useful especially if you have food and liquid items. It can save you a lot of money and time. It can also help your travel less stressful.
  • Get to the airport on time. You have to leave early, that’s' the best remedy to get to the airport on time without issue. You have to avoid checking your luggage as much as possible to avoid delays.
  • Let someone else drive you to the airport. See if a friend or a relative can drive you to the airport or you can call a cab or van to drive you to the airport. Airport parking prices go up during holidays.
  • Travel later in the day. If possible avoid getting early flights if you can't get up early. The road is busier in the morning. When you travel later in the day, you can sleep well and it would help you avoid traffic especially traveling at night. The roads are less congested and airport is less crowded. Remember that the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas time is the busiest time of the year to travel.
  • Travel days before Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. Avoid making trips on the busiest travel days especially a day before the holiday. This is also to avoid accident on the road, because during high-travel days the number of car accident rate is also high. Accidents can also cause delays on the road especially when you're rushing to get to the airport.

Traveling during holidays is miserable during holidays. It's always expected delays like long drives to the airport due to traffic on the road, long lines because a lot of people are traveling. In order to avoid mishaps during your holiday travel, you have to plan and act ahead. Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday is fast approaching, figure out your travel plans now. Get started with these holiday travel tips for booking holiday travel and for you to get the best deals to save enough money to get everyone some awesome gifts this holiday season.

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