How to Avoid Electronic Pick Pocketing

How to Avoid Electronic Pick Pocketing

Today, pick pocketing has been modernized. In the past, a classic pick pocketing literally means picking of wallets out of the pockets. However, in the 21st century version is electronic pick pocketing, thieves can take the unwary traveler on a ride by simply passing them in an airport, bus or train station, or in a parking lot with a concealed credit card RFID reader in tow.

Wirelessly stealing credit card information is very rampant nowadays that's why there are travel wallets with RFID blocking being sold in the market. No matter where you are traveling these wallets will keep you safe from Identity Theft and Electronic or Physical pick pocketing.  

A thief with a credit card RFID reader in tow can hang out in a crowded subway station and obtain thousands of credit card numbers in a single afternoon. This is how dangerous electronic pick pocketing is and people should be warned so that they should be prepared wherever they go. But credit cards are not the only thing at risk. There I also another wireless identity theft that can steal any personal information in seconds from someone carrying around a work badge equipped with RFID.

Today, Radio Frequency Identification or “RFID” is the latest craze in cashless convenience.  There are several banks and credit card companies used this technology in their latest products, allowing users with “contact less payment” power at any equipped registers.  The company’s main idea is to save customers time and even their employee’s time by preceding the usual processing waits, receipts, signatures and ID requirements connected with an old school swipe.

The powered RFID readers can scan non-powered RFID tags such as those found in credit cards and debit cards at distances of up to 100 meters away without a direct line-of-sight.  Anywhere you go, RFID tags are a common choice to keep tabs on everything especially airport baggage.


How to avoid Electronic Pick Pocketing?

People should not worry. There are several companies today especially online that sell sleeves, wallets, travel accessories and other accessories that have RFID blockers. TravelGenixx Money Belt Waist Pack is one example for travelers as well as for ordinary use. It has RFID BLOCKING fabric sewn into the Travel Money Belt. They are very convenient, affordable and reliable especially for travelers who are always traveling in places that theft is very rampant. Another solution to avoid electronic pick pocketing is by wrapping your RFID-equipped card with aluminum foil. It can block electromagnetic signals.

However, if you have been victimized by electronic pickpocket and the thief has racked up your money, you don't have to lose your cool. You should inform your Credit Card Company or bank to alert them about the theft. Credit card companies as well as banks are now spending millions of dollars a year to track fraudulent spending or theft and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law. They will also be happy to step in on your behalf.  

These electronic thieves are smart, but we have to be smarter to avoid being victimized by them. Buy wallets and travel accessories that have RFID BLOCKING fabric sewn into the wallet to avoid money as well as personal information theft. It’s better to be prepared than doing nothing and regret in the end. Your personal information safety is your utmost concern here.

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