How to Eat Well and Stay Active While Traveling

How to Eat Well and Stay Active While Traveling

Traveling gives you opportunities to eat unhealthy food and to stay idle during flights. But believe it or not, it's still possible to eat healthy and stay active while traveling. Even without have access to your local supermarket and your favorite gym, you can still stay healthy without gaining weight.

When traveling and staying in a hotel, you don't have the space and time cook your own meal. You don't have a choice but to eat on restaurants filled with high-fat and sugar meals. Also, you'll be sitting in a plane and buses for long hours. To avoid gaining weight and shed some, here are some tips on how eat well and stay active while traveling.

Eat Well Before your Trip

Weeks before your flight, eat healthy. Avoid eating high-carb, fat and sugar foods that can make gain weight. If you have a habit of eating well, wherever you go you will surely look for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. If you want to stay healthy your whole vacation, choose the food that you eat.

Stay Active Before your Trip

Wherever you go, be active. Even before your travel, do some exercise or walk and run every day to keep yourself active. A little walk daily will rejuvenate your body and prevent gaining weight while on travel. Even during vacation, try at least 10-20 minutes brisk walking daily.

Eat Well on the Plane

To avoid eating unhealthy food usually served on the plane, bring your own healthy food from home. Just bring solid snacks like apple, bananas, carrots, celery sticks, energy bars, nuts and other healthy snacks you can easily prepare at home before your flight. You can pack some of these in your carry-on to skip the airline's unhealthy snacks. Also, during flight, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated and soft drinks - they can dehydrate you. Stay hydrated to during your flight by drinking water and sticking on your healthy diet.

Eat Well During Road Trips

If you'll be spending long hours sitting in a bus or car for a road trip, bring your own healthy meals and snacks. Stopping and eating at every rest stop is not good. Most fast foods along the road are serving unhealthy food. Take all the fast foods off your menu. Before your road trip, plan a healthy meal. Bring a cooler and fill it with healthy goodies such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, healthy sandwiches and snack bars. You can also restock your cooler along the way by buying fruits and vegetables in grocery stores. Don't forget to bring bottled water or purchase a jug or water container to stock water and just refill them along the way. It's important to stay hydrated during road trips.

Stay on Foot

Walking is the most subtle and safest exercise wherever you go. During vacation, plan to walk to explore the place you're in. You'll enjoy the scenery more when you walk and you can burn more calories. Just wear a comfortable pair of shoes and you're good to go. By walking, you can enjoy meeting local people, keep active and save money.

If you love to eat healthy and stay active at home, make it a habit to do the same while traveling or during vacations. Eating healthy and staying active while you travel is easy and simple. If you're planning a trip, make physical activity a priority and of course include a healthy in your daily routine. Before you leave for a trip or vacation, stock up on healthy snacks. During your flight or while on the road and while on vacation, eat healthy if possible and make time do some physical activity. Don’t make traveling a reason to eat unhealthy diet and be lazy. Traveling is more fun if you stay healthy and active wherever you go.

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