How to Stay Safe When Traveling to Dangerous Places

How to Stay Safe When Traveling to Dangerous Places

Traveling to dangerous places is a challenge for some people, but scary for most. However, if you want to travel to a dangerous place, a thorough planning should be paid to details ahead. Such kind of travel should be motivated by not just a simple thrill-seeking experience, but one should be very careful in going to a strange and dangerous place.

It's a good idea that one must take precautions and knows how to behave and have the basic information on what to do and what not to do when going to a dangerous place. It's a traveler's golden rule that no matter where you roam, there are safety tips that one should follow when planning to travel in dangerous places.

Tips on How to Stay Safe in Dangerous Places

  • Research ahead and plan your routes. Research online basic information about the place that you planned to visit. Check some travel blogs if there are some topics about the country or place. You can check some tips on how to stay safe and the safe routes. An unexpected encounter with armed people is a bad experience that you should avoid especially for tourists. Proper routes should be carefully planned to avoid risks in one's journey.

  • Tell people about your plans. Let your family and friends know your plans. Make sure to bring an ID card wherever you go. Before you leave home, leave itineraries and estimated arrival with your loved ones back home. Just make sure to check in or always call them regularly.  

  • Make sure that you go prepared. If you have a background on what's happening on your destination, make sure that you have more bravado and you know what to do in case of emergency and how to keep safe. Leave a copy of your important documents like the map of the exact location of your destination. So that in case of emergency they'll know where to look for you.

  • Let people know what you're up to online. If you have internet access, take pictures of you wherever you are and post it on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also post where you're heading next so that people will know where you are.

  • Be sensible. Preparing everything beforehand is better than just going to the battle not prepared. By being prepared, you can assess the risk that you might face at your destination. You can at least reduce the dangerous routes if possible and you can equip yourself with the right gear and skills to lessen potential dangers. This can also help keep you as safe as possible.


The world is big and wonderful. You should get out and enjoy it. The best way to experience what’s happening around the world is by traveling. The world is not as dangerous as you might think and it doesn't have as many dangerous places as you think. You should experience amazing things in places that most of the world considered dangerous. If you want to be informed about the "dangerous places", keep connected by reading recent blogs and newspapers. If you want to visit such places, plan ahead before the trip and get ready to face the world.

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