How to Travel on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget

Summer is almost here and you want to getaway from work for a couple of days to relax and enjoy. But how are you going to spend a summer holiday without breaking the bank? The only trick is to learn some tips on how to make the most of your vacation budget. Luckily, there are cheap flights if you book a month or two ahead or there are also destinations that are less traveled by people that packages are cheaper and there are also options that exist for families or group that don’t need booking a block of hotel rooms.

Here are some savvy solutions that TravelGenixx offer to the most common financial problems that every traveler might face while planning a trip. You can now take a vacation or skip town without spending a fortune with these helpful tips.


Thrifty Travel Tips


  • Regularly check fares, because they are always going down. Some airlines are doing price cutting so that they will be able to survive. You can bookmark some sites that compare prices and will alert you via email if selected fares have changed such as,,,
  • Pick a bargain destination when traveling at peak times. These are some year-round budget options destinations: Canada, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru and Slovenia. These places are still enjoyable places to go during the summer months and they are less crowded, Central America, Caribbean, Mexico and even South America.  You can also check foreign exchange rates and countries with faltering currencies are a steal at any time of the year.
  •  Travel off-season for a cheaper flight fare and accommodations. If you are planning to go to Europe during off-season, October through April is a perfect time. Surely you'll get cheaper airfare, budget rooms, spending less time in lines and you can meet more Europeans than tourists. Big cities that are interesting to visit any time of the year when in Europe are London, Paris and Rome.
  • Look for a comfortable room or hotel without draining your wallet. For solo travelers, look for smaller, independent hotels, which are common in Europe and Latin America. They are a lot cheaper, affordable and usually have apartment-style suites with compact kitchens and living rooms. For a family or group, renting a condo or house is a lot cheaper than renting rooms in a hotel. Renting a condo or house is a very good option especially in smaller towns where hotels are scarce, or in major cities where hotels are extremely expensive. Save these sites,, and to look for renting listings in the United States and abroad.
  • Road trip planning ideas when the gas price is down. You can look for a national park within driving distance from Here are some recommended destinations in the U.S. Arizona’s Lake Powell, Michigan’s Isle Royale and Utah’s Capitol Reef. Or you can find more destinations from here
  • You can save more money by not losing some of it or some of your personal   belongings. Wherever you go, wear a travel belt bag. Thieves target Americans because they know they are the ones with the good stuff in purses and wallets. Be cautious of commotions in crowds and even fake police who ask to check your wallet. Here’s a money belt bag which can be helpful when you are traveling to places where pickpockets is frequent.



    Everyone deserves a getaway for a good reason, to break away from work and recharge. And in order to have a thrifty travel, you have to manage your travel budget wisely and how well you spent your skills to make your trip better and enjoyable. To help keep your dream holiday affordable, these thrifty travel tips on how to stretch your travel budget can help you have a stress-free vacation without breaking your bank.


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