How to Travel Without Breaking the Bank

How to Travel Without Breaking the Bank

Traveling to some feels like a luxury they can’t be bothered with. While there are added expenses to traveling, making it a priority leaves you with less financial guilt.

Saving money while traveling is possible if you’re smart about your spending - before and during your trip.

If you want to know how you can save on cash while seeing the world, read the blog below because we made a list of some helpful tips on how you can cut on some costs without compromising your desire for adventure.



If you’re going on a trip for the first time, you might want to consider borrowing some of the things you’ll need for the trip like an extra luggage or backpack.

You might also want to consider renting or borrowing gears you might need for any activities you might have planned.

Trust us, if you’re not a competitive bobsledder, you don’t need to buy one for a trip - it’ll just gather dust in your garage soon after. If you have an activity-packed trip ahead of you, make an inventory of the things you’ll need and try to see which of those you can borrow from friends and loved ones.

If none of your friends or family members have what you need, go online and see if you can rent them for half the cost. Sure, you might need to shell out a few bucks for the deposit but you’ll get those back anyway.


We all know that booking your trip ahead can save you a lot of money as far as airfare and accommodation goes. Spur of the moment trips will be a lot heftier on the budget so be sure to plan way ahead of time.

You  might also want to choose off-peak seasons when traveling. Holiday weeks and weekends are synonymous to exponentially high hotel rates and airfares. Avoid incurring unnecessary markups on your travel expenses by simply planning your trip in advance.


This might be one of the most practical tip we can give you. Theft is prevalent everywhere so be sure to keep your cash on you by using travel gears such as the TravelGenixx Hidden Money Belt in Nude.

Purses and backpacks may seem like the practical storage space for your money but these things can easily be snatched from you so best to keep your money where thieves can’t see them. This way, you don’t have to keep checking your bag for your wallet and you can enjoy your trip worry-free.

The TravelGenixx Hidden Money Belt in Nude is made from breathable fabric that is comfortable against the skin so you’ll forget you even have them on. The best part of it all is it comes with RFID-blocking technology sewn into the fabric that can prevent unlawful scanning of delicate information stored in your passports or credit cards - sparing you from the devastating results of digital identity theft.

More than a luxury, traveling is an experience everyone should get to try out once in awhile. If the thought of added financial burden worries you, plan ahead and travel smart. There are a number of ways you can save on cash while still managing to see the world.

Take these tips to heart and you’ll be well on your way to having the time of your life - without having to worry about your budget.

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