Mistakes You Should Avoid on an Airplane

Mistakes You Should Avoid on an Airplane

Traveling is stressful; make your flight as comfortable as you can. Don't add the burden of getting uncomfortable during your flight. When you board a plane, your goal is simple, to reach your destination safely and comfortably. As a traveler, you should be aware of the mistakes you should avoid on an airplane to prevent having a jet lag.

To have a safer and stress-free flight, here are some mistakes you should avoid on an airplane. Avoiding some of these behaviors will help you ease your nerves, avoid getting into your fellow fliers’ nerves, getting sick and even safe airborne. Read on to learn some tips on how to have comfortable and stress-free flight.

Avoid Trying New Medication

While on board, don't try taking new medication. Sometimes taking new medication for the first time can cause some allergic reactions or can make you hallucinate. There's no physician or medical doctor on board to treat you. Just avoid taking medicines that you haven't taken for at test at home while air traveling.

Not Listening to Safety Briefing

The safety briefing on the plane is boring and most people probably have heard it a million times, but they are important and they could save your life. While listening to the safety briefing, take a few seconds to buckle and unbuckle your seat belt, figure out the location of the nearest emergency exit and how many rows from your seat. These are just simple safety briefings, but they are important and people tend to forget about them even if they have traveled a hundred times.

Don't Joke About Bombs

No one will laugh at you when you joke about bombs, guns or other weapons that are threatening. Bomb threats are always taken seriously by flight attendants because theirs and their flier's safety is a priority. Flight attendants have the authority to cease and file a case against anyone who might pose a security risk. Bomb threat or other threatening acts is not a joke, so avoid joking about it!

Avoid Eating Stinky Food

Stinky food like onions and tuna sandwich is just one of the foods that will stink when you open and eat them. The stink will spread inside the plane and they will surely stink your breath. So don't bring sticky food on a plane to avoid getting bad breath.

Avoid Drinking Alcoholic Drinks Too Much

You can drink a glass of wine during dinner, but over indulging in alcoholic drinks can dehydrate you or make you sick. Remember that being drunk on a plane can cause jet lag and no wants to sit beside a drunken passenger that can passes out or throws up on you.

Don't Go to the Lavatory Barefoot

It's not a problem is you slip off your shoes to be more comfortable especially during long flights, but make sure to put them on before you go to the lavatory. You can’t be sure if the plane’s floor is clean and free of broken glasses that could hurt you that could possibly make your trip unpleasant. Also, before you slip off your shoes, make sure that your shoes or feet don't smell like a dead rat. It would be embarrassing on your part and a total disturbance to your fellow fliers. It's also unethical to prop your feet on top of a seat back or wiggle in between gap of the wall and the seat. Just put your feet down to where it should be.

Having a safe and stress-free flight is every traveler's dream. Whether a first time or a constant traveler, you all need a comfortable flight until you reach your destination. These are the mistakes you should avoid on an airplane. These tips will surely save you from getting uncomfortable the next time you fly the friendly skies.   

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