Packing Hacks 101

Packing Hacks 101

Taking a break and going on a vacation is a fun and exciting adventure, but the thought of packing all your belongings into one suitcase is not a fun thing to do for most travelers. How to make packing an easy chore is every traveler's problem. Learning how to pack efficiently and fast is the solution to lighten your load when traveling.  

For travelers that constantly travels, when traveling, packing light and smart is fun and easy. TravelGenixx owners are jetsetters and they are excited to share their packing tips with you! They will reveal some expert tips from basic wardrobes to practical tools and ideas that will make sure your trip planning and packing easier.


Smart Packing Ideas

  1. If you are traveling regularly, travel light and keep all the basics in your backpack. It will save you a lot of time. Don't forget to bring earplugs, a sleeping mask, a light scarf and medicines.

2. If taking a vacation, plan ahead. Only bring items that you'll surely be using. Lay out everything on your bed before you pack and pick the important items.

3. Using packing cubes to organize your belongings in your suitcase. In that way, you can easily locate what you need without dumping out an entire suitcase.


4. Don't bother to bring travel towels. Hotels have free clean towels that you can use. You can also bring a sarong; it's much lighter, cheaper and multi-use. You can use it as a wrap, use a towel or lay it on the ground for picnics and sunbathing.  

5. Choose to bring thin clothing. Thin clothing are easy to pack and can fit in your suitcase. Instead of bringing a heavy sweater and jeans, you can try to bring a micro-fleece pullover and pants in lightweight, weather-resistant fabric.

6. Wear the most bulky clothing item that you want to bring. When you’re traveling, it's unavoidable that there's a bulky clothing that you really want to bring. The only solution is to wear the most room-eating garments on the plane.

7. The most important thing to packing light is choosing interchangeable and versatile clothes. When selecting clothes to bring, focus on basic colors, such as black, brown or khaki, white and add a selection of additional tops and accessories that are more colorful and could give more personality to any outfit.  It allows you to change your look with creative matching and mixing.

8. When packing, select wrinkle-resistant fabrics that dries quickly, such as nylon, micro-fibers and washable silk. Cotton wrinkles easily and takes longer to dry when washed especially denim. But if you really love cotton, there are brands like Brooks Brothers that has stylish lightweight cotton blouses that are wrinkle-resistant fabrics.

9. Reduce luggage space by reducing the number of shoes you bring. You can pack just one pair of flats and one pair of heels. Both shoes can be both paired to pants, shorts or dress. If you will be walking a lot, bring comfortable sneakers. In your suitcase, put the shoes toe-to-heel at the bottom of your suitcase along the edge, and use the empty spaces inside your footwear as storage for fragile items like jewelry wrapped in socks.

10. To travel light, select a lightweight, sturdy and easy to maneuver luggage. Make sure that it has built-in compartments and collapsible shelves in the inside for easy packing.


For first time travelers and even constant travelers, packing is always not an easy task. However, if you want to travel comfortably, there are smart ways to achieve when packing. You don't have to bring everything. There are some things that the hotel can provide like towels, blankets, pillows, hair drier and more. When traveling just bring your basic needs and you are ready to go! If you want to travel like a pro, just read the easy packing tips above for a stress-free vacation.

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