Safety Travel Tips For Women

Safety Travel Tips For Women

It's a fact that women travelers face more danger than men. Being a solo female traveler always brings concern especially to family members and friends, they worry about your safety.  Today, thousands of women, even younger ones travel abroad on their own. Traveling alone is not that bad as long as you keep yourself safe all the time. Making sure that you are traveling in the safe place for solo female travelers and being cautious, you are surely safe and will enjoy your trip. Here are some safety travel tips women that will surely help your journey safe and enjoyable one.

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

  • Be street smart. Being self-reliant and well-prepared all the time is great help for solo female travelers. You don't have to be dependent to someone or other people, always carry cash, bring your own map and a phrase book especially if you are traveling abroad and have a little or no knowledge about their language. Always walk purposefully like you are familiar with the streets or know where you're heading at. If you get lost be friendly with the locals and seek for women or go in a store or restaurant and ask for directions.
  • Get fit before you travel. If you are planning to travel abroad and alone, make sure that you get physically fit by walking around with a heavy backpack on your back. Walking on streets with a huge backpack takes a lot of energy. Being physically fit can help you a lot when traveling. Staying fit also can make you feel better and give you more energy to visit places without getting easily tired.
  • Dress down. Wear casual clothing like a pair of jeans and shirt paired with comfortable walking shoes when traveling. Scanty clothes attract men's attention. You have to consider the location and its norms first before choosing a wardrobe.
  • Don't be loud. When you're at a foreign land, it's best that you avoid actions that will draw people's attention. This includes dressing down, being loud in public, showing off expensive jewelry and money and flashing costly electronics. Being a solo female traveler, you don't want attract attention especially unruly people.
  • Stay alert all the time. It's best that you should be aware of your surroundings and keep yourself on the safe side always. Make sure that you keep your belongings safe and close to you. Beware of sneaky pickpockets in crowded places like on the streets and at the bus station. Women are often the target victim of pickpockets than men.
  • Don't get drunk. When you're traveling alone, even if you're a man, don't get drunk especially with the locals. Over drinking can leave you vulnerable and always remember not to take drinks from strangers.

Solo travelers especially female should always be on guard when traveling. Always make your common sense when making decisions. Being aware and having self-confidence and ability to travel on your own is a great way to have rich experiences. Don’t let yourself be defeated by fear of solo travelers, go travel and have a good time. These safety tips can surely help solo female travelers around the world.

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