Smart Travel Hacks

Smart Travel Hacks

Everyone loves vacation, doesn't want to go through the stress of traveling from packing to booking of flights. That's the reason why travelers have been finding ways to make their adventures stress-free.

Today, travelers have created smart travel hacks to simplify their travel as well as how to save money. These travel hacks can help you have a stress-free travel and how to save money.

Bring an empty water container at the Airport

Airport security is strict with bottles with water. Bring an empty bottle to the airport and after you've passed the security, refill it with water.

Roll Clothes in your Suitcase to Save space

This is a simple packing tip to save some space in your suitcase. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them like little tubes. This can help you more space and avoid clothes creases and wrinkles.

Charge Electronic Gadgets through a TV

Most modems TVs in hotel rooms have USB connector at the back or side. You can plug in your gadgets in case if you forgot or lost your wall plug for your charger.

Buy a Portable Mobile Charger or Power banks

Portable mobile charger also known as power bank is an external battery. You can carry it in your purse or carry-on bag wherever you go and charge your mobile using a USB connector. This is very useful in case your mobile battery shutdown or in case of emergencies.

Mark your Luggage as Fragile

If you want your bag to be handled with care, put a fragile sticker on it. at the airport, they will not only handle it correctly, but they will also pile it at the top of the storage compartment. And you will also get your luggage first.

Just Unpack what you Need

If you won’t be staying in one place for long, it's best that you just unpack what you need. This is to save time on packing. This will help you leave quickly and easy escape when you're on the verge of catching a bus or flight.

Stay Active Before your Flight

The best way to prevent jet lag is by staying active. A bit of exercise like running in the morning or evening for an hour or 30 minutes a day before your trip can stave off the jet lag.

Put your Re-chargeable Batteries in the Fridge

To keep your batteries fresher and full for longer time, put them in the hotel fridge. This is one of the most bizarre travel hacks you've ever known. Re-chargeable batteries will retain 90% when kept in a cold temperature environment so that you won’t need to charge them often.

Bring a Dummy Wallet to Confuse Pickpockets

Before your trip, get yourself a dummy wallet to trick pickpockets. Hide your real wallet somewhere safe like an ankle holster or belt bag under your clothing.

Traveling is fun, but the preparation, packing and travel itself is a bit stressful. A few tricks can help you save a lot of money, space and time. To have a smooth and memorable travel, these smart travel hacks are important for every traveler.

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