Solo Female Traveler Guide

Solo Female Traveler Guide

For women who have been dreaming of going off to a strange place or other country for a vacation alone, there's nothing to worry about if you're a solo female traveler. If you worry about your vacation expenses, safety and that you'll be lonely without any companion, there’s nothing to worry about if you plan your trip ahead.

TravelGenixx have compiled travel tips for solo female travelers, especially for first time solo travelers. This is an ultimate guide for female travelers or anyone, whether you are a first-time solo traveler who’s seeking for that extra push to take your first trip, or a seasoned traveler.

Solo Female Traveler Guide

  1. Research and book ahead before you go

Before you travel, you have to plan ahead and research for dress codes, local customs and weather. You have to make sure that you know about the basics and what to expect before your travel.

If it’s your first time to travel solo, the most important thing to take with you is common sense. Remember to always book a hotel room at your first night’s stay regardless. You’ll have peace of mind and rest easily knowing that you won’t have to deal with finding a hotel upon arriving at your destination while jet lagged.

And make sure to always have a backup plan. You also have to keep the address to your hotel in a notebook, always carry your passport wherever you go, bring some extra cash and don’t forget your travel insurance!

2. Assure your loved ones before you go

If you go traveling alone, the most difficult thing to do is explaining to your loved ones that you are traveling solo and dealing with their reactions afterwards.

When traveling alone, it’s common that the people who care about you will be concerned with your solo trip. Expect that your parents, spouse, siblings and even your friends will be worried about you traveling solo.

3. Conquer Your Fears

The world is vast and challenging, but it’s a very fascinating place! But you don’t have to be intimidated by it! Traveling is all about fulfilling your dreams, getting out of your comfort zone, growing out of your boundaries and learning more about the world and yourself.

If you fear about breaking out of your comfort zone, don’t let that fear conquer yourself.  Don’t let your fears, thoughts of being lonely, or worries of getting stranded somewhere with no one you know around stop you from discovering yourself and the world.

4. Avoid over packing, just pack what you need


Avoid stuffing your luggage with items that you don’t need at all. Avoid over packing

By making a checklist, just pack a few shirts, pants or dresses that you can always mix and match. Just pack two to three good pairs of shoes.

5. Survive the Flight


If you want to be sane all throughout your flight, stay smart on the plane especially for long flights. You can pack a few refreshing items such as a breath mints, hairbrush, travel-sized deodorant and toothbrush.

Remember to stay hydrated at all times by drinking water and avoid coffee and alcohol on or before your flight. And in order to stay comfortable, wear loose-fitting leggings and slip-on shoes to keep your circulation flowing.


Traveling solo is an amazing and exciting adventure to anyone and can be empowering and life changing; nevertheless if any of your loved ones are not happy about your traveling alone or upset about your decision, its best that you plan the conversation ahead so you’ll have more time convincing them. You have to explain to them the positive side about traveling solo and lay out your plans to them. Don’t let anyone stop you from discovering yourself and the world. Go travel even if you aren’t sure, break away from your comfort zone. Travel can expand your perspective and empower your sense of self. Being a solo female traveler is not a reason to hinder your dreams to get out of your comfort zone. Just make sure that you have everything you need before your flight and have booked everything ahead.

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