Summer Family Travel Ideas

Summer Family Travel Ideas

Summer means, school's out and the kids are at home whether you've got toddlers or teens! Your home will get crazier and you need a family escape to entertain the kids. Summer is near and you need to plan for a family vacation! If you worry about budget, you can still plot a getaway without breaking your bank account.

There are some perfect travel getaways that are affordable and your kids will surely love. Here are summer family vacation ideas to help you have a memorable getaway with your kids.

Go to a Water Park

Bring your kids to a water park this summer and get them crazy with water slides, lazy river and more for teens and adults, and special play areas for little kids. There are a lot of water parks around the US.  

Go to an Amusement Park

Let your kids experience being flipped, looped and tossed on a roller coaster and other thrill rides in an amusement park. Parents too can be kids again by joining your kids on the rides. Watch or join them squirm and laugh. You can bring them to a local amusement park for a great summer family vacation.

Visit Major Museums for Free

Bring your kids to major museums with free admissions. It's fun, educational and FREE! There are numbers of museums around the US especially Washington, D.C.'s 19 Smithsonian Museums that includes, National Museum of Natural History and the National Zoo and the National Air & Space Museum, they are all free of admissions.

Go to some Mountain Adventures

Ski Resorts during summer is great for family vacation. Ski resorts provide their customers especially for families’ fun all-year-round. They use their lifts to bring people to the peak of the mountain for hiking on trails or downhill mountain biking. They also offer fantastic river rafting adventures in nearby rivers. Winter resorts also offer their pools for summer travelers who want to splash and gather around the fire pits for fun and barbecue evenings.

Go to Family Summer Camp

Summer camps are not just for kids, there are summer camps that allow parents participate in the camp with their kids. You can join your kids and other families enjoy camp activities like potato sack races, greased watermelon swimming races, scavenger hunts and gather around the campfire at night for ghost stories.

Take a Road Trip

Road trip with the entire family is a fun summer vacation. You can drive to a park and have picnic and play ball games with the kids. You can also visit nearby beach resorts and let the kids enjoy the sun and the sand, building sand castles. You can also hit the road and go to state fair this summer and let your kids enjoy events and activities for youngsters.

Summer vacation is a time to reconnect with your kids and relax with the entire family. It's also a time to recreate childhood memories and make new memories together. Do you want your family hiking mountain trails together, exploring a new city together or having an adventure together in national parks? Yes! You can all do those great summer adventure together with the whole family! Make your family adventure fantasy come true with the summer family travel ideas mentioned above. Make plans now and fulfill your family dream vacation without breaking your bank account.

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