The Most Common Travel Fears

The Most Common Travel Fears

Traveling is fun and exciting, but some people are afraid to travel. They make all sorts of excuses like fear of traveling alone, they don't have enough money or too busy to leave their work. However, these excuses have only one root, fear of traveling.  They fear the unknown and the unpredictable. They fear of getting out of their comfort zone and be in a strange place with foreign people.

Traveling can be scary sometimes, but being in a new place is not scary at all. You can meet a lot of travelers like you along the way and gain new friends. Jetting off alone around the world is a lot scarier, but you can travel with friends and family and have some adventure. Most of the things that most people fear about traveling can easily be overcome. Don't let these fears keep you from exploring the world. Here are some of the most common travel fears people suffer.

The Most Common Travel Fears

Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is scarier, but a lot of people today enjoy traveling alone. Some people don't travel because they lack companion. They fear the unknown or afraid that something will happen to them in a strange place.

If you are afraid to travel alone, convince a friend or a family member to travel with you. You can also book yourself in a small group tour to ensure that you're not traveling alone. You can make friends with the people in the group and you'll have companion to a new place that you're going to visit.

Fear of Flying or Aviophobia

Fear of flying or fear of fear of being in an airplane is very common, but can be treated. If you have this fear, you look for a professional to treat you. There are some ways to treat this fear.

There's a treatment for aviophobia or aerophobia. You can look for professionals in the nearby area. If flying terrifies you, there are other options to be considered like buses, ships trains or you can road trip with friends. Don't let this fear hinder you from traveling to places you really want to visit. You can either conquer your fear or consider other transportation options.

Fear of Getting Lost

Getting lost in a city is no fun, but for some people it's a part of a travel experience. That's the reason why other people are afraid of venturing on their own.

If you are afraid to get lost, make sure that you have a local map with you wherever you go. Don't be afraid to ask the locals for help if you are not sure of the way.

Fear of Strange Foods/Getting Sick

Some people are afraid to travel because they are afraid of eating strange foods and getting sick. Who can blame them? Getting sick abroad is not good especially to people with poor digestive tracts.  

To avoid getting sick when in abroad, it's time to get picky. Some local foods are not bad at all, go to restaurants where most of the locals go or look for international food chains. Always drink bottled water and make sure to bring Imodium on hand.

Fear of Getting Robbed

One of most travelers fear is getting robbed or scammed in abroad. It's always the concern of every traveler especially to countries that are popular to robberies and scams.

Before you travel, check the crime rate of the country or city you're going to visit first. Street robberies are everywhere. You have to be alert every time you go out. Keep your valuable safe by leaving them in the hotel's safety vault. You can buy some travel gear or accessories like TravelGenixx Belt Bag with RFID BLOCKING fabric sewn into the Travel Money Belt to ensure that your valuables are safe from Identity Theft and Electronic or Physical pick-pocketing.

Traveling to a strange place can be scary, but the fear is only within you. If you fear traveling, conquer that fear. Don't let that fear you keep you from seeing the world. Beat your fear by reading some tips from this article. Set aside your fears and explore the world.

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