Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel Room

Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel Room

Hotel is always the best place for every traveler. It’s a place where they could rest after a tiring day, whether they’re from an adventure or a business meeting. Hotel services are not always the same, but you are assured that somebody will make the bed for you; clean the room and you can always order breakfast or food.

However, staying in a hotel is not that good all the time. Sometimes people experience bad services and thief. You can take some measures to prevent these unavoidable circumstances. There are also few things that you should never do in a hotel room.

Don't Yell Hotel Staff

Yelling to anybody is not good, especially to hotel staff, they are human beings too. No matter how big the problem is, try to be calm and sensible. Hotel staff is there to serve and help, but they are not your servants. They are employed at the hotel and not to you. No matter what, you don’t have the right to yell at anyone around you.

Don't Tell Anyone your Hotel Number

When you're staying in a hotel, especially if you're alone, don't tell your hotel number to strangers. Also, don't broadcast it to the world, thieves might just around you. Telling anyone you meet your room number might compromise your security. So, if you don't want uninvited visitors stopping by room, keep your room number to yourself.

Don't Leave your Jewelry Out in the Open

When you go out of your hotel room, make sure to keep your jewelry and other valuables in a safe. When you book a hotel room, make sure that the room has a safe where you can keep your valuables safely when you're out.

Don't Throw your Suitcase on the Bed

Your suitcase is not clean. Don't place it on top of your bed where you lie your body and face. When you ride a place, you can’t be sure of your suitcase has been placed in a clean location. Also, what if the bed has bedbugs; you don't want traveling home with bedbugs in your luggage!

Don't Rummage the Minibar or Fridge

Here's an important tip, minibars have sensors. The moment you pick up a bottle, you will be charged! Also, the mini fridge that is full of goodies and sodas are not free! The moment you eat or drink something from the fridge, you will be charged! You have to resist temptations! You can always bring your food or buy food and drinks from the grocery and they are a lot cheaper than hotel foods.

Don’t Take Home Hotel Amenities (Bathrobes, Towels, Hair dryer)

When staying in a hotel, guests take advantage and they take home essential amenities that the hotel provides like lotion, shampoo and soap. However, some people take home bathrobes, towels and even hair dryers, which is a big NO NO! When you take home these amenities, you will be charged extra or worst, fined for taking these items. When you check out, make sure that you won't take home hotel's properties. Most of the hotels will not clear you out without checking the room first. So whatever you take home with you, make sure it’s yours or else you’ll pay for it.

Hotels are great, but always make sure to avoid these circumstances to have a stress-free stay. When you stay in a hotel, just follow the rules so that you won't get in trouble. Make sure that you’ll keep in mind these things that you should never do in a hotel room. Just follow the hotel rules so that you won't be charged and you'll have a pleasant stay.

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