Tips on How to Beat Post-Vacation Blues

Tips on How to Beat Post-Vacation Blues

Vacation supposed to leave you relaxed, but when you got home you feel drained. You even feel jet lagged. It's maybe because of the change of weather or you're just simply exhausted or tired to get back to normal life. The relaxing feeling after a great vacation will eventually fade as emails starts piling up and stress rises again. It's called "Post-vacation blues", the feeling of boredom after a great vacation as you go back to reality.  

Expert says that post-vacation blues serves a purpose in one’s life. It will help you realize that you need to shake things up at home and work for you to be satisfied. In order to maintain the happy feeling you had while you're on vacation, there are some tips for you to keep the good vibes when you get home.

  • Frame your photos from vacation. Once you get home and back on your routine, give some time to look through all the photographs you've taken from your vacation. Pick the most wonderful and meaningful photos you have taken from your trip, print them out, frame them and hang them on your wall. It would be great to look at the photos and look back. You can also share your photos on social media. Just looking at the photos of a great vacation can motivate you to be back on your feet again and anticipate your next vacation.
  • Make time for relaxation at home. The simplest way to escape your everyday life or daily routine is to have a blissed-out vacation vibe at the comfort of your home. A hot bath or shower can make you relax. It can also reduce your loneliness and stress level. You can also do a short walk which can help boost your mood.
  • Clean your house and re-arrange your furniture. When you get home from vacation, after you have settled down, find time to clean your house and make new arrangements. Seeing new in your surroundings can help boost your mood. Take a look inside your closet and take out the old clothes that you don't use anymore and just keep the necessities. This way it can help you get rid of the clutter and bring you some peace of mind.
  • Try cooking out some new recipe. It's fun to re-create a favorite meal from your vacation. Find time to prepare a meal from your vacation and try to perfect the recipe so that you'll anticipate in cooking that dish for your friends or family.   
  • Plan your next trip. The most important part in having a vacation is not the vacation itself, but the memories that you have there. According to experts, planning a trip can give you happiness and excitement. It also gives you a great feeling of anticipation on your next trip, so you will be motivated to work hard to save up money for your next trip.

The boredom you feel when you get home from a great vacation post-vacation blues and it is just temporary. Just give yourself a time to relax a bit, re-arrange your home, look back on your vacation memories by looking at your photos and plan your next trip. These simple tips can help you get rid of boredom and can give you a great feeling to anticipate a new adventure.

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