Tips on How to Fight Pre-Trip Anxiety

Tips on How to Fight Pre-Trip Anxiety

Planning a trip and having an adventure is fun and exciting. However, as the date of your trip is getting closer, a few doubts creep in. Being jittery days before your trip or even minutes before your departure is completely normal. This happens to everyone, even to pros and not only to first time travelers. It usually triggers if you are thinking a lot of negative things and entertaining negative comments from people around you or from an article you read about your destination. Entertaining negative comments from other people of how boring and dangerous your destination could be is one of the reasons why people freak out or back out from their trips especially to first time and solo travelers. If you entertain such negative comments, you will likely have doubtful thoughts and feelings or back out the last minute. All you have to do to fight this anxiety is to have a strategic defense for you to be able to handle your thoughts and feelings better.   Below are some helpful tips on how to survive pre-trip anxiety.


How to Fight Pre-Trip Anxiety


  1. Self- Care

Before your trip, taking extra care of yourself is a must. Even you have prepared everything beforehand and feel confident that everything was taken care, it’s good to protect yourself against anxiety when it triggers before your departure. This is especially of great help if you’re trying to finish up everything at work or settling everything at home before you leave.


Here are some tips on how to practice self-care:


Do exercise – Make sure you do some exercise or you break a sweat regularly, whether you’re fitness pro or not. You can do some 30-minute YouTube dance workouts at home.
Meditate a bit – Make sure to release your creative energy by doing simple things like reading and writing. Expressing yourself and feelings is a perfect way to release some tension inside your body.
Spend some time with loved ones – Even if you’ll be having a trip without them, make sure that you spend some time with them before you leave and let them know that you truly care for them and how much they mean to you.

Stay healthy – Before your trip, make sure that you eat well, by eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and avoid late drinking spree with friends.
Take long walks – Having an hour walk in the park is a great way to prepare yourself for an adventure. It’s great to be on foot when you explore your destination. Save some music, audiobooks or podcasts in your iPad or smartphone for motivation.
2. Find out the cause of your worries
If your departure is fast approaching and you’re fidgety at the thought of it, try to find out the cause of what’s bothering you. Are you afraid to ride a plane? If it’s your first time to travel and alone, are you nervous traveling in a strange place? Are you nervous about being robbed? Are you afraid to stay in a hotel alone? Are you afraid to leave your home?
After you identify the cause of your anxiety, figure out some remedy so you’ll feel at ease. If you feel more confident to bring an extra carry-on bag or a TravelGenixx Hidden Travel Money Belt to carry all your valuables to avoid getting pickpocketed anywhere you go, then buy one before you leave. If you’re afraid to leave your home, then have a friend or relative check your home once a day. If you’re afraid to stay alone in a hotel, book yourself in an expensive, but a more secure and safety hotel by checking first their customer reviews online.
It’s totally normal to worry, but figuring out the best solution possible weeks before your trip is the best remedy.
3. Make a to-do list upon your arrival especially for the first 24 hours.
Here’s a to-do list you can follow:
    1. Go through the immigration
    2. Go to the ATM and take out cash.
    3. Go to your hotel.
    4. Email or call your family and friends that you made it and give the name and address of your hotel.
    5. Take some rest or sleep to save up some energy.
    6. Have lunch/dinner near your hotel.
    7. Then go with your plans, explore the place, meet some tourists and local people along the way, eat good food and have fun!


4.  Bring some extra cash.

For solo travelers, especially female travelers, you should financially invest on your safety when travelling. This means, take a cab at night instead of walking or riding a public transportation if your hotel is far. Book an expensive hotel that has a nice and secure neighborhood.
It’s a good advice if you’re nervous before your trip. You can book an organized tour if you feel nervous, you’ll feel more secure and might be easier to go around the place with a tour bus, a tour guide and you’ll meet new friends along the way. Just knowing that you have some extra money to spend in case of emergency can be reassuring.
5.  It’s YOUR TRIP, enjoy and relax!
Remember that this is your trip and you can do whatever you want. Be adventurous and enjoy every moment of it.  You can socialize with other people by eating at a more crowded place or if you want solitude, you can look for a less crowded place.
Sometimes what you planned won’t work out. Remember that you can still enjoy by visiting other recreational place in the area.  Or you can even spend some of your time in cafes or parks and watch people come and go.


Always remember that before booking your trip, know your limits. Write down your plans and the things that might trigger anxiety before your trip. You have to avoid these triggers if you don’t want to experience a pre-trip anxiety and have an enjoyable trip instead.  


Having an adventure in a new place and feeling the different weather, hearing people in a different language, walking in strange streets full of different colors and smells will inspire and motivate you to love traveling. That’s the reason why you have to plan ahead before booking a trip to avoid pre-trip anxiety.


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