Travel Guide for Women

Travel Guide for Women

In recent years, many women are traveling independently and this trend grows. Single-women travelers today are braver and more enthusiastic to have an adventure alone and without their partner or friends. However, it can't be denied that women are more susceptible than men.  They still need necessary precautions especially when traveling alone and they should be aware of cultural norms when they travel abroad. There are essential things that they should be aware of before they hit the road.

Here are some travel tips for female travelers to make their travel experience safer and memorable.

Before Hitting the Road

Before heading to your destination, learn about the place or country you're about to go. Learn their crime rate, geographical location, learn some words or phrases or if the place is safe to go. You can Google everything and check out historical sites, hotels, restaurants and the currency. Also, don't forget to learn about their cultural norms.

When booking your flight, make sure that you arrive at your destination in broad daylight or it’s better that you arrive in the morning so that you will have more time catching some sleep to prevent jet lag before heading out to explore the place.

When packing, just bring only the essential things you need. Don't over pack, you can buy some things their when you arrive. Lesser is better when traveling, especially when traveling abroad. And lesser baggage, lesser target of pickpockets and thieves.

Upon Arrival

Once you arrived in your destination, it's best that you check in with your country's consulate. You can be contacted by the consulate in case of emergency or notify your family about your whereabouts.

Make sure you have contacted a taxi to fetch you at the airport ahead when you booked your hotel. Choose a hotel located in the heart of the city where most tourists stay. Avoid staying in a remote hotel or cheap hotels that lack security. It will make you less obvious and chances are, you can meet travelers like you in that hotel and it will make you feel safer. Your safety is more important and it will not break your bank account spending more in a safer hotel.

Stay Safe Always

When you're already on the move to explore the place you're in, try to explore during daytime or make sure that you get back to your hotel safely before it's dark.

When walking in the streets, avoid wandering in an empty street, thieves and pickpockets targets tourists who wander in empty streets. However, if you wander in a crowded street, make sure to keep your valuables inside a safety pouch or bag. When you walk, walk with confidence as if you are sure of your destination. Ask locals if you are unsure of where you're heading, a map is very handy also.

Traveling alone is a liberating experience, but always make sure that you keep your family and friends updated of your whereabouts. You can posts picture on your social media accounts or vlog where you at. Blogging or vlogging your experiences is a great way to share your experiences. Ultimately, for female travelers who love to travel alone out in the world. No matter where you go or no matter how you arrive, just keep in mind that your intuition is your guide and adventure awaits you.

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