Travel Hacks for Summer Vacations

Travel Hacks for Summer Vacations

If you are you planning to head out of town this summer, there are some smart travel hacks that will help your next adventure fun and easier. You will surely enjoy your summer vacation and at the same time can simplify your travel plans and saves up money. Whether you headed the next town or out of the country, these awesome travel hacks will surely make your vacation easier and enjoyable.

Traveling doesn't have to be complicated, it should be fun! If you are packed with awesome travel tips, you don't have to worry anything and you can just simply enjoy your trip sipping cocktails under the heat of the sun with your loved ones or best buddies or simply enjoy the beautiful sights around you. TravelGenixx have compiled some summer travel tips that can make your life cooler.

Best Travel Hacks for Summer Vacations


1. Wrap Pairs of Shoes in Shower Caps

When you pack your suitcase, you can make use of your shower caps to wrap your pairs of shoes. This will help avoid the soles of the shoes from getting your clean clothes dirty.

2. Use Tissue Paper to Avoid Wrinkle in Folded Clothes

When packing your folded clothes, you can use paper tissues place between each folded clothes to avoid wrinkling. 

3. Use Glass cases to Keep Chargers and Cables

When packing, make sure that everything is in place especially small items. To ensure that your chargers and cables are safe from getting wet, glass cases are perfect to keep them.

4. A Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag is Perfect for Make-ups and Toiletries

This TravelGenixx Hanging Toiletry Bag is prefect for constant travelers, compact yet large enough to carry all travel essentials UPRIGHT. Side pockets with extra elastic loops and mesh bags for makeup, toothbrush and small travel items. It has sturdy bottom that assures your travel cosmetic bag remains upright and does not tip over on bathroom ledge or basin.

5. Bring Empty Water Bottles and Refill them at the Airport after Passing Security

You can drink water without spending any dime by just bringing empty water bottles and refill them at the airport after you pass the security.

6. Protect Razor Heads with Binder Clip

In order to protect your clothes or other accessories from getting rip by your razor blades, you can use binder clip to protect shaving razor heads.

7. Bring a Universal Power Adapter

This TravelGenixx Universal Power Adapter and plug converter is lightweight (3 ounces) and has all the face plates needed to charge your phone, laptop, reader, power banks and camera batteries in over 150 countries. It has 3 plugs face-plates / adapters for all your international charging needs and you can keep it on your carry-on luggage, easy to grab when needed, elegant, safe and easy way to connect your dual voltage portable appliances worldwide.

8. Place a Dryer sheet in your Suitcase to Keep Them Smelling Fresh

In order to keep your clothes in your suitcase smell fresh, place a dryer sheet inside.

9. Place a plastic Wrap is Perfect to Prevent Bottles from Leakage

In order to prevent bottles that contain liquid like shampoos, conditioner, perfumes, lotions, oils, and sunscreen from leakage, place a plastic wrap over the container and seal it with the cap.

10. Use Wash Cloth as a Soap Pouch

In order to save more space in your luggage, you can wrap your soap with a wash cloth.


To ensure that you will really enjoy your summer vacations, whether you spend it on a road trip to the next town, an impromptu weekend trip to the beach or a European getaway for a week or two, the best travel tips for summer vacations can surely help your adventure easier. Start planning your summer trip now, grab your weekender, don't forget to toss a bottle of sunscreen and take off!


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