Travel Plans on Trend this 2018

Travel Plans on Trend this 2018

A travel trend is a travel theme into style today. If you are a constant traveler, you are well aware of the travel trends and it's nice to be ahead of the pack especially of you had done or experienced all the travel trends in the past year and you'll be craving for more in the next year. Here are some of the themes or travel trends this 2018. You can pick one or two that sounds like you and plan ahead.

  • Traveling Solo
  • Traveling solo has become popular around the world. These solo travelers especially female solo travelers are brave ones. They are travelers who prefer to travel alone than having a travel companion in tow. This liberated travel approach has become popular for years. This travel trend is supported by small-group trips that welcome solo travelers. If you want to travel solo, make sure that you travel to safer places especially if you are a female.

  • Multi-sport Travel
  • This trip's goal is to travel and do some fun and adventure and at the same time staying fit while having fun. This kind of trip makes sure that you building a healthy dose of exercise while having fun. However, this is not about extreme sports like rock-climbing, it's a "multisport" like dune surfing, glacier walking, kayaking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting or zip lining. These trips are family-friendly and an active and sports-minded family will surely enjoy this trip. If you want to go to this kind of trip, there are well-paced program of sporty options that is pure fun compared to a typical vacation routine.  

  • Culinary-Based Travel
  • The food culture in different countries wins traveler's heart aside from beautiful tourist's spots. By visiting places, you can taste the culture of the country through their food. You can taste different types of spring rolls from different Asian countries and even learn how to cook them in Vietnam; they create and cook their food in the streets. You can even enjoy the opportunity to eat great meals in both indoor and outdoor cafes or even along the streets. Who doesn’t love great food anyway? This is one of the reasons why this style of travel is on the upswing.  

  • Traveling to Old Europe
  • This is a retro travel trend or traveling to old countries in Europe. You can go to England to see great old castles and visit the Queen. Or even go to Italy to visit rustic architectural designs and visit the St. Peter's Square at Vatican City or even visit the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. This travel style's main goal is to experience the cultures of old European countries.


  • Curated Vacations

    This travel style is great for travelers who just want to travel and doesn't have time to plan. This is a prepared type of travel that is usually found on online sites. You can find a site through online a travel package that offers the kind of vacation you'd plan if you had time and patience. These tour companies have carefully researched and handcrafted itineraries for busy people that don’t have time to plan.

    If you want to travel this year and doesn't have travel itinerary yet, this travel trend list is for you. There are great places to visit and have some fun and adventure. Forget about the typical vacation routine that you had, plan a trip that's anything but sedentary. Pick a travel style that you like best and start planning now!

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