Vacation Rental Hacks

Vacation Rental Hacks

Vacation rental is more enjoyable in many ways than staying at a hotel or resort. Spending your vacation in a homey atmosphere is more fun like having your own kitchen to cook your own meals, more space to spread out and having your own space like home. Immerse to a local landscape and feel at home while away from home by having a vacation rental.  

Vacation rentals offer a more homey feels compared to a standard hotel stay especially if you’ll be traveling in group or as family. You can save more and you’ll have your own space for the kids to play. It's quite different from hotel stay; you'll have to look for a listing, be patient and more patient to look ahead before your vacation. Here are some rental vacation hacks to help you find the best for your needs.

Look for a Listing

Look for a vacation rental listing or vacation rental app like HomeAway Vacation Rentals. By using this app, you can search by location and you can see photos of the rental homes.

Scrutinize the Listing

Before you book for home rental, scrutinize the listing by contacting the owner of the property. Sometimes, the listing is not updated by owner. Property photos ca be deceiving, sometimes the photos they have posted are not the actual photos of the house or the whole property. You can also check the reviews from the past guests. The surest thing to do is contact the property owner directly just to make sure.

Double Check Availability

Check the home rental availability by reach out the property owner directly. Sometimes property owners mark their property "available" even if it is actually unavailable already.

Check Google Maps

To make check the actual location of the property listing that you wanted, check Map Apps or Google map. Not all property rentals include the actual address. Ask the owner for the actual address and check on Map App. You can look at the realistic view of the street or the area. You can also check the actual footage of the property by using the Google Map or

Ask Flexible Checkout Times

Before you book for home rental, make sure to check the checkout times. Check if there's another rental coming after you checkout. Some property rental checks out times are flexible. Their caretakers or property owner don't arrive on time. You can ask the owner to extend your stay for a day or two for your maximum enjoyment.

Check out Grocery Delivery Service

If you're renting a house for a family or group, you need groceries. You can only do that when you arrive at our rental, but you can look for a local grocery delivery service. Here are some grocery delivery services you check out, Amazon Fresh, Instacart, Peapod and etc.  

Get the Property Owner or Host's Mobile Number

When you book a home rental, make sure you get the contact number or preferably the mobile number so that you can contact him/her while on your way to the location. This is to ensure a smooth check-in and it could be also useful in case of access problems, plumbing or any unexpected issues or emergencies.

Check the Entire Property upon your Arrival

Just like renting a car, do walk-through of the entire property upon your arrival. Check for the amenities, appliances, damage, plumbing and other issues. In case the owner is not present and something is missing or damaged, call or text the owner immediately about your concerns.  

Check for Fun Stuff

Vacation rental owners can offer all kinds of benefits you can't get in a hotel without paying extra like a private pool, bicycles, boat, dock access, kayaks, play sets or trampoline for the kids, strollers, surfboards or even ski passes. Don’t forget to ask for these kind of freebies before booking.

For a fun-filled family vacation, home rental is one of the best ways to have a homey atmosphere while away from home. These vacation rental hacks will surely make your entire family happy and well-relaxed on your vacation. If you have plans to have vacation on holidays, start looking for a listing of property rentals now!

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